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    Implementing Google Tag Manager (GTM) to Website / Mobile Apps

    In this blog post, I am going to explain, what is GTM, advantages of using GTM, how to install GMT on website and certain basics associated with GTM.

    1. What is GTM and advantages of using GTM?

    Google Tag Manager or GTM is a free online tool by Google that enables you to deploy and manage various marketing and analytics tags on mobile apps or websites.

    Now that you know, what is GTM, you must also know the advantages of using GTM.

    The main advantages are:
    1. You don't have to edit the website code often
    2. You can test and deploy tags very fast.
    3. You can perform advanced analytics tracking
    4. Manage tags efficiently
    5. Improve website speed

    Before implementing GTM you must decide what you would like to measure based on your business objectives. The metrics could be anything such as users, sessions, revenue etc. The dimensions such as traffic sources, location, category will help you identify from which devices the users are coming, their location and which service / product they are interested in.

    Understanding GTM Hierarchy


    The account is the top level of GTM hierarchy followed by Container that contains tags and triggers. Triggers are made up of variables, operators and values.

    Account is created for each brand and the container for each website the brand uses where tags are set up to fire tracking codes on the website.

    Triggers define when tags will fire based on how you define your variables.

    Now that you know the benefits of GTM, you can implement them for your websites, especially eCommerce sites to get enhanced tracking.

    If interested in implementing or learning you can contact the author by visiting